Sunday Reading List and about a million other things

I’ve been too busy to blog this week. Not because of any special holiday celebrations – although I gave myself most of the day off to lay about and eat pizza and read on Winter Solstice – but because I’ve gotten some sort of burst of energy and have been building and tweaking websites, reading a lot of online business books, playing with a delicious new SEO toy, and gotten myself involved in some high falutin’ negotiations to purchase another website.

Not to mention a certain amount of providing aid and support to a friend who was first ill, and then chasing a horse all over the damn countryside. Gotta love ’em. Horses that is. I am partial to certain cowboys, too.

I spent a good part of Sunday hanging out with aforementioned sick friend. When I got home I curled up first with The Foundation Trilogy by Issac Asimov.
You may recognize this oldie but goodie – published the year I was born – from my winter reading list. I was looking forward to it this winter, as the book spent several winters in storage a few hundred miles away from me.

I am about to show my age here.

I remember when SciFi was space cowboys. Then we landed on the moon – and I remember watching on TV as Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon. My stepfather was a big space and SciFi buff and he got me started early. I was smart and alienated and took to science because there was no one to tell me any better. Asimov was an early enthusiasm. I liked his logical arguments and straight scientific approach.

As I grew older and wanted to become a writer, Asimov became a hero of mine. He has written well over 300 works, both fiction and non-fiction. And I don’t mean popular non-fiction, but scientific text books.

Of course, now science fiction is what I personally consider to be fantasy, sword and sorcery, and space cowboys (and girls). I’m not saying it isn’t great, fun stuff – but often hard science is not remotely a part of it. Rereading Foundation this winter I was struck with the long, convoluted logistic arguments or discussion among the characters. In fact, in Foundation I would almost say that the characters are beside the point – they are only fleetingly described and little or no personal backgrounds are given. They don’t have romantic attachments or families to speak of – until we get to the Mule. He, of course, put a major kink into the works. And this kink, this freak, points out the great downfall of trying to predict human behavior with mathematic formulas. Even the great waves and cycles of human enthusiasms and thought are beyond the simple breakdown of algebraic formulas. In my old age and questionable wisdom, the premise of The Foundation Trilogy seems as whimsical now, as the Star Trek theory that suggests we are all from a single species who went sprinkling their DNA among the planets and then sat back to see what we would become. The Seldon Plan seems as sensible as “Use the Force, Luke” as a way to influence nations.

Yet I found it restful to imagine a universe where humans were as predictable as integers in an equation given that there are some highly illogical sorts currently involved in my life. And if you think that means you – and I don’t – well, think about it.

It actually took me until Wednesday – Winter Solstice – to finish the trilogy. I dipped through a few other books, but they are by and large business ebooks and sadly, I wasn’t very impressed with any of them.

For the Winter Solstice, I curled up with my brand new Dean Koontz (thank you Carrie!) the Moonlit Mind.
I love to read Dean Koontz for his mastery of the written word, his turn of phrase, his ability to draw you from sunshine into darkness. The Moonlit Mind has all of that. He does a masterful job of describing life on the run, life on the streets for a young boy, the dog who found him, and a young woman who befriends him. He shows us that side of street life that is beautiful, and opens the door to the mind that finds life on the streets preferable to the possible evil a “straight life” may hold.

Because there are evil people out there. And some of them might be your parents.

The supernatural creeps up in such a natural way that you never waver in your belief right up to the end. He leaves me gasping for me – with a sneak preview of 77 Shadow Street. Oh yes, it is on my wish list.

I am still slugging it out with Forensics and the Violent Criminal Mind but I have to admit it is really becoming an uphill climb. The book would have benefited greatly from a ruthless red pen editor and I can’t help but think the edits in my head as I go along. Irritating, really. I’m sure I will drag myself to the finish simply because I am so interested in the subject matter but I may skip the review simply because I hate to say it but…

The Bones marathon goes on – a few shows a night. I’ve also almost finished the anime I have been watching, Gosick. I like it so much I may have to purchase it on DVD. *shaking my fist in the general direction of those who started me on anime – you know who you are* I sampled Hell on Wheels, and Dexter and found neither of them to my taste – although I left the hubby with such an addition to Dexter that he watched from episode one to the present in about one week!

I purchased a subscription to NicheBot and have been having a fantastic time playing with all the SEO toys. Yes, I’m a little odd that way. I feel like I will be seeing a happy difference in my income quite soon.

Pearlie the Psychic Kitty’s website is coming along with the addition of several in depth cat articles as well as a blog and forum that I haven’t gotten working properly yet (blush). I also finally got a good start on Unique Eclectic which is going to be a collection of articles on the wide range of subjects that captures my ever wandering mind.

The other blogs, Coloring Books for Adults, Jigsaw Puzzle of the Day, and are coming along with various tweaks being taken care of this week, including some new matching astores (from Amazon) for each of them, and the addition of the “add this” plug in so they are easier to share across social sites.

All of the sites are benefiting as I remove articles from Squidoo, rewrite, update, and recreate them as stand alone webpages. Squidoo was fine while I was living in a car, or without Internet access – but now that I am in a warm, secure home with good Internet service I am now able to take care of things myself (such as hosting and hand coding pages) that I was better off leaving to them for those few years. I certainly appreciate all the community did and meant to me during the last few years, but the company has clearly changed. That happens on the web, you know.

Speaking of which – there is this game I’ve been playing on line for years that is straggling along to a slow, neglected awful death. Yet, I love this game – and I know others who do, too. It hasn’t changed hands – but the hands who crafted it have moved on to other things. Kindof like myself and Over a year ago I started musing with some of the other players about how nice it would be if one of us could buy the website and make all the changes, tweaks and upgrades we dreamed of. More or less on a whim, I contacted the owner a few weeks ago. Next thing you know, we are in high falutin’ negotiations. That’s all I’m going to say for now – but be looking for me to have a new all consuming passion in the new year…

And I think that is about it for now. Have a great winter holiday no matter what you celebrate.


Summer Foovay

My novels are now available FREE through the Kindle Lending Library

I just released all three of my novels, Bloodline, The River Way (Moving On), and Cutting Away the Pain,
in a program that makes them available on the Kindle Owners Lending Library. This means if you have a Kindle and you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can now borrow any of my books FOR FREE for a month! So if you’ve always wanted to read one but it just hasn’t been in the budget – borrow it! If you need something to curl up by the fire with this winter – borrow one!

You know all those authors who scream about their books being checked out of libraries and not getting any royalties? Well, the cool thing about this program is that the author – that’s me – gets a wee percentage depending on how many times my books are borrowed. They will be on there for 90 days – so go forth and enjoy!

And if you would be so kind as to post a review when you are done, that would be awesome, too.


Summer Foovay