Shameless Self-Promotion of New Projects

Yes, the new computer is here and I am all fired up and ready to kick butt and take names creating new pages and websites. I’m also starting the slow but sure phasing out of Squidoo and all these blessed blogs.

New websites and blogs

That’s it so far and some of them are just sort of blocked in – others are a little further along. Some have or will soon have their own email, newsletter, twitter and facebook pages. You can always follow me at the old homeblog, or my main Twitter account or my main Facebook account for updates on all of my projects.

All these blessed blogs
I am quitting the great blog experiment. This is a royal PITA for me. If you know me, you know I’m not really a big community person – and I also prefer to do my own coding, host on my own webhosting, etc. Yes, I am a bit of a control freak. So if you really want to keep track of me I’d suggest you follow or grab the RSS or whatever to Foovay’s Cauldron at the old homestead or, as mentioned above, latch onto my Twitter or Facebook feed. I’m going to let the rest of these blogs die a slow and quiet death of neglect and shameless self-promotion. That is, I’ll use them to post links I want the search engines to grab, and occasional posts plugging my books, websites, or art.

Speaking of which – here is the current full list of my Squidoo lenses. One of my projects over the next few months will be converting these into full webpages on my own domains, ebooks, and so on and so forth. A few might survive the winnowing if they at least chuck some traffic to my related websites and stores. If you are a Squid and see a URL you’d really like to own, email me and we’ll work something out depending on what my plans for the lens may be. I’ll be looking for links to new websites, blogs, and stores so I may trade them off for something as simple as a blog post or backlink.

And that’s it for me today folks. I’m off to cross-post this and work on more new projects and expanding those you see above 😀


Summer Foovay

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