Stuff – Part Four; More Gadgets, Less Stuff?

I have a Kindle. It holds over 3000 books. Instead of eight bookcases and more books in boxes I am now down to two bookcases and four boxes of TBRs – two of which are in serious danger of being taken to a charity shop this week. One bookcase is full of non-fiction references that are not (yet) available on the Kindle.

With the Internet, it’s like having a million libraries right here on my desk, available any time day or night without having to get dressed and gas the car.

I create digital art. I need enough space on my desk for a tablet and a computer. Those are my art supplies.

I write – on the computer.

We love music. We each have our own iPod shuffle and iTunes, of course, on the computers. There is still one big box full of CDs, but the cassettes and albums are gone at last. They don’t take well to New Mexico heat anyway.

Okay, I do have a studio with one desk full of drawing supplies, and another table with a sewing machine and a box or two of fabric and notions. But those are not necessities. I have a shelf of knickknacks above my desk. Most are small, unbreakable, and have been survivors of the winnowing process for at least three or four years, some of them for twenty years.

Due to my husbands medical condition, we have an entire bedroom full of medical and dialysis supplies – but we much prefer being able to take care of him ourselves and obviously, it is so worth it to have him in my life and home.

We buy clothes based on what we like and wear and if we don’t wear something for a couple of years we give it away. Most stuff we wear until it is hardly useable as a rag.

We firmly believe in using up all the good in something. But we also firmly believe that if something is broken or used up, and cannot be fixed or reconditioned, or if fixing and reconditioning is likely to cost more and/or be more trouble than simply replacing – out it goes.

Use it. Love it. Or get rid of it.

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