How to make a million dollars on the Internet

Start out with two million…

Okay – so the title is misleading. I have been trying to earn money on the Internet for a decade. Most of the stuff you have seen advertised and blogged about and promoted and that book you just bought from Andrew whatsisname is all stuff I have already tried and proven to be very profitable – for the sellers of the promotions. Not so much for someone on their “system” be it Squidoo or affiliate marketing.

What you can hope for – the ugly truth – is one or two things that will come along that will make you ten bucks or so a month maybe if you spend forty or fifty hours a week promoting them.

But this is a good ‘un. You can spend about ten minutes a day on this – if you feel like it. I don’t go every day. You go in and click on the pretty rainbow colored button and you earn points. So far, this is all I have done. I don’t get SPAMMED. I don’t get slammed with “send invitations to everyone you know and berate them to join”. I can chose a PayPal credit or various other little gift cards and things as my payment and so far I’ve earned a little over $5 in the last two months. Painlessly. More than the bottom 90 of my Squidoo lenses earned and they took a whole lot more work.

Not only am I not pushed to drag all my friends screaming into the network – I am only allowed so many invitations at a time. Right now I have three. One is good for a day, one for two days, one for six days. One gives you (and me) a free bonus of 50 points (about 50 cents), the other two give us bonuses of 25 points (about a quarter). If you really want an easy way to earn a little slush fund to keep you in Facebook tokens, this is it. Here are my three invites. If you want one, better get one.

One Day Left Invite
Two Days Left Invite
Six Days Left Invite

I don’t really give a fuck if you join or not. I’m making a little money without half trying or being hassled to death. If you want a part of that, it’s up to you.


Summer Foovay

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