Some Squidoo updates

Whew – I just spent over two hours making one minor change to over 100 Squidoo lenses.

Last year when hubby was so terribly sick and we were in such dramatic financial desperation – literally life threatening for him – I made a promise to St. Martin that I would donate one half of my Squidoo income to charity. Obviously, things have improved greatly for us in the last year. For one thing – the hubby is still here (something that was truly in doubt for months). I had slowly but surely sifted my way through my lenses and easily 50% or more of my Squidoo income was going to charity. There were several charities involved, including the ASPCA, Big Cat Rescue, Room to Read, KIVA, and Borrowed Time Horse Rescue as well as a few others.

This year I’ve become more and more concerned about the plight of our Mustangs. The BLM is obviously about to succeed in their long time commitment to destroying the wild horses by “managing” them right into extinction. I have called my representatives, signed petitions, blogged about the subject, tweeted about it, facebook shared, written letters – and I know I’m hardly alone. My state reps sounded confused – as if they had never heard of wild horses. Obviously, America has far greater problems right now than the loss of their wild horses – although I’d like to point out that the BLM got 12 billion dollars to round up Mustangs this fiscal year. So remember that when your veterans benefits, retirement, disability, or Medicare gets cut – it was more important to get Mustangs off the range apparently.

Anyway – I’ve decided we cannot trust our government to protect our wild horses. But I do see that Madeleine Pickens is willing to put her money where her mouth is and give the Mustangs a place to roam in safety. Hers is not the only Mustang refuge, of course, there are others. I will be donating to them as well.

I also feel strongly that we need another four years of President Obama. He inherited a huge mess. The Republicans have done their best to stall him at every turn. We didn’t get in this situation in four years, and no one could get us out of it in less either.

So I have set all the Squidoo lenses to pay me in “cash” so that I may personally donate 50% to these two causes I care so deeply about – since those choices are not available through Squidoo. It took two hours to update all 100+ lenses by removing the “donations” module – since I don’t want to be lying to anyone about where that royalty money goes. I also deleted a number of lenses I really didn’t want to bother updating – knowing I am on my way out of Squidoo entirely.

And then – LOL – I got told my email address wasn’t valid for my niche account. Who knows if I’ll ever be able to get into that one again. Squidoo has their vays, yes?

That’s enough time to waste on Squidoo today. I have some writing I need to get done today.

Oh – but I happened to think that I have some really good URLs on Squidoo, especially for coloring pages and coloring books. So if you are still on Squidoo and are interested in buying any of my lenses with or without their content, feel free to contact me about it at sffoovay AT

I have less than 100 lenses now – I wonder if they will take away my badge?

Summer Foovay


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