Merry Samhain

A very merry samhain to all my dear friends live and online and everywhere.

The best news so far today is the sale is completed for The new owner is a nice guy so you be sure and welcome him kindly in the next few days, ya hear?

Which clears the board for the new year for this little pixie witch. Now what shall I do? Well, I have some old projects and new warming up on the backburners that I shall unveil as the year winds out.

Today, however, I am going to waste playing silly computer games and watching old horror movies with the husband ūüėÄ and maybe even get to hand out some candy later. Go forth, beloved friends, and enjoy the holiday!


Summer Foovay

How to make a million dollars on the Internet

Start out with two million…

Okay – so the title is misleading. I have been trying to earn money on the Internet for a decade. Most of the stuff you have seen advertised and blogged about and promoted and that book you just bought from Andrew whatsisname is all stuff I have already tried and proven to be very profitable – for the sellers of the promotions. Not so much for someone on their “system” be it Squidoo or affiliate marketing.

What you can hope for – the ugly truth – is one or two things that will come along that will make you ten bucks or so a month maybe if you spend forty or fifty hours a week promoting them.

But this is a good ‘un. You can spend about ten minutes a day on this – if you feel like it. I don’t go every day. You go in and click on the pretty rainbow colored button and you earn points. So far, this is all I have done. I don’t get SPAMMED. I don’t get slammed with “send invitations to everyone you know and berate them to join”. I can chose a PayPal credit or various other little gift cards and things as my payment and so far I’ve earned a little over $5 in the last two months. Painlessly. More than the bottom 90 of my Squidoo lenses earned and they took a whole lot more work.

Not only am I not pushed to drag all my friends screaming into the network – I am only allowed so many invitations at a time. Right now I have three. One is good for a day, one for two days, one for six days. One gives you (and me) a free bonus of 50 points (about 50 cents), the other two give us bonuses of 25 points (about a quarter). If you really want an easy way to earn a little slush fund to keep you in Facebook tokens, this is it. Here are my three invites. If you want one, better get one.

One Day Left Invite
Two Days Left Invite
Six Days Left Invite

I don’t really give a fuck if you join or not. I’m making a little money without half trying or being hassled to death. If you want a part of that, it’s up to you.


Summer Foovay

It’s official – has been sold

Yes, it’s official, has been sold. All copyrights for the art and webdesign have been transferred to the new owner. If you have prior permission from me to use the line art then you still have that permission. You may be asked to show the email or written permission I’ve given you. Or I will vouch for you – I pretty well remember most folks who have asked, since we have often become friends.

If you’ve been stealing my line art now might be a real good time to take it down.

There shouldn’t be any down time for the website.


Summer Foovay


This little book is very good at what it is meant to do – introduce you to nine indie writers through their stories. They span a wide variety of the paranormal genre, from romance to old fashioned ghost story to horror. If you like any kind of paranormal or horror story, you’ll find at least one that you like very much and probably at least one you don’t like. You have a good chance of finding at least one of these indie authors that you like so well, you run out and buy anther of their books.

For me, that was the Shimmering Taste of Revenge author, Jack Wallen. I was very happy to discover his book Zombie is also now free for Kindle. I snapped it up. No doubt I will be buying more of his books in the future. Especially since he tells me the main character in Shimmering – Vlad – is going to get his own book.

I also liked “The Village of Those Who Touch the Dead” and “OR 13”. Other readers will no doubt prefer the humor of “the Special Werewolf” or the romance of some of the other stories, but they didn’t appeal to me.

With one exception, the stories are not related to Halloween other than by the fact that they are all paranormal stories of one sort or another. That just means you should feel free to enjoy these stories any time of the year. But they are especially fun right now – just in time for the holiday.

By the way – the book is still free on the Kindle, as is this one.

Float Like a Butterfly

For the last several weeks I have been really depressed. ¬†That old black cloud seemed to have rolled in early this year and though there were flashes of sunlight here and there I thought I was ready to curl up and hide for a few months. ¬†Nothing I started got finished. ¬†I would sit down at the computer in the morning and be interrupted every ten minutes for the rest of the day. ¬†In a few hours I would be so angry and frustrated (and trying not to show it) that I ended up playing Facebook games for the rest of the day, or watching anime, or walking off in a funk and losing myself in a good book. ¬†(I am really paying for all those years of saying “Goddess give me patience” – she is now giving me ample opportunity to learn patience – although I am not sure I’m doing very well at it)

Not that it’s entirely a bad thing.

Yesterday we took the hubby to the Big City for his monthly clinics.  We were braced to be chewed out royally.  He has been slowly sinking into anemia Рnot at all unusual for a dialysis patient.  They had threatened to begin making him come in three times a month to sit for hours hooked up to an iron IV (which is quite unpleasant, to say the least).  Hubby had already stated to me that he intended to refuse the treatments.

Of course, last month we bought his new (refurbished) computer. ¬†This caused us to be very short on money. ¬†So short that we were not able to purchase the food we have been purchasing. ¬†Mainly this meant we did not buy any meat to speak of. ¬†His dietician has been emphasizing that he must get LOTS of MEAT for his anemia. ¬†Instead, we had to purchase beans, tofu, rice, green leafy vegetables and the vegetarian meat that we can both eat (as I am still vegetarian). ¬†The only meats were a few packs of chicken, and some sandwich meat. ¬†As it is, I skipped a few meals (don’t tell hubby).

(Sidebar)I know for a fact that anemia can be cured by being vegetarian.  I know this because I was severely anemic (as in getting a monthly iron shot) up until I was twenty-five.  Then I finally lived on my own for the first time in my life, and bought and cooked only what I wanted to eat.  And after a few months discovered I had gone vegetarian.  I had also stopped being anemic.  Years later I read that some doctors prescribe a vegetarian diet to cure anemia.  But that is me РI am in good health.  My husband is on dialysis and has no kidney function at all.  So when his dietician said feed him lots of meat Рwe fed him lots of meat.  Or at least, as much as we can afford to buy.

So we went cringing in to get our talking to (so we thought). ¬†The first good news was the dietician was not available so the social worker would go over that part of the tests with us. ¬†If we thought we dodged a bullet there – it only gets better. ¬†Because the hubby’s anemia is gone. ¬†Gone. ¬†Cured. ¬†All of his several indicators for iron were in the normal range.

Pause.  Think about that.

Yes, so we are going to go back to doing what we’ve been doing for twenty years or so – being vegetarian. ¬†High protein vegetarian. ¬†Try not to laugh, but it is true. ¬†Because I’ve found that I drop to my ideal weight and stay there on the South Beach Diet – modified to vegetarian foods. ¬†Before hubby was on dialysis we had to be very careful with the protein, because most high protein foods are also high purine – which means it caused him to have gout attacks. ¬†Since he has been on dialysis, he seems to have a higher tolerance for those foods (knock on wood) without having gout attacks. ¬†I’m sure the dialysis helps keep the urea from building up like it did when he was struggling along with 10% or less kidney function and no help – not to mention working full-time in a physically taxing job.

Now all of that is kind of a sidebar to my original problem. ¬†Because when we walked out of that clinic I felt like someone had removed an iron weight from around my neck. ¬†I was floating like a butterfly. ¬†Full of energy, happy thoughts, and relief. ¬†I had burdened myself with the idea that I was not taking proper care of my hubby. ¬†We got home, I had a nice semi-napping semi-reading afternoon (Sixkill by Robert B. Parker – a Spenser novel is a good ‘un) and then sat down at the computer and whipped out almost 4000 words on a brand new vampire erotica story (like I need another WIP). ¬†I’m full of ideas and the enthusiasm to do them. ¬†Better yet – the hubby is off doing his volunteer half day today so I might get something done!

The sun is shining.  The hubby is happy.  Pearl is in the living room having papergasms.  It is actually QUIET here for a change.  Whoot!  Ima gonna quit this blogging and go get some work done.


Summer Foovay

New Samhain Vampire Coffee Hot Chocolate Gifts

It all began when I staggered into the kitchen and dug out my favorite Halloween coffee cup for my morning coffee. Then someone else said they’d rather have hot chocolate. So here are some mugs and magnets for your favorite Pagan coffee drinker – or hot chocolate fan.

Don't do it magnet
Don’t do it by foovay
Become a graphic design affiliate at


Summer Foovay

Some Squidoo updates

Whew – I just spent over two hours making one minor change to over 100 Squidoo lenses.

Last year when hubby was so terribly sick and we were in such dramatic financial desperation – literally life threatening for him – I made a promise to St. Martin that I would donate one half of my Squidoo income to charity. Obviously, things have improved greatly for us in the last year. For one thing – the hubby is still here (something that was truly in doubt for months). I had slowly but surely sifted my way through my lenses and easily 50% or more of my Squidoo income was going to charity. There were several charities involved, including the ASPCA, Big Cat Rescue, Room to Read, KIVA, and Borrowed Time Horse Rescue as well as a few others.

This year I’ve become more and more concerned about the plight of our Mustangs. The BLM is obviously about to succeed in their long time commitment to destroying the wild horses by “managing” them right into extinction. I have called my representatives, signed petitions, blogged about the subject, tweeted about it, facebook shared, written letters – and I know I’m hardly alone. My state reps sounded confused – as if they had never heard of wild horses. Obviously, America has far greater problems right now than the loss of their wild horses – although I’d like to point out that the BLM got 12 billion dollars to round up Mustangs this fiscal year. So remember that when your veterans benefits, retirement, disability, or Medicare gets cut – it was more important to get Mustangs off the range apparently.

Anyway – I’ve decided we cannot trust our government to protect our wild horses. But I do see that Madeleine Pickens is willing to put her money where her mouth is and give the Mustangs a place to roam in safety. Hers is not the only Mustang refuge, of course, there are others. I will be donating to them as well.

I also feel strongly that we need another four years of President Obama. He inherited a huge mess. The Republicans have done their best to stall him at every turn. We didn’t get in this situation in four years, and no one could get us out of it in less either.

So I have set all the Squidoo lenses to pay me in “cash” so that I may personally donate 50% to these two causes I care so deeply about – since those choices are not available through Squidoo. It took two hours to update all 100+ lenses by removing the “donations” module – since I don’t want to be lying to anyone about where that royalty money goes. I also deleted a number of lenses I really didn’t want to bother updating – knowing I am on my way out of Squidoo entirely.

And then – LOL – I got told my email address wasn’t valid for my niche account. Who knows if I’ll ever be able to get into that one again. Squidoo has their vays, yes?

That’s enough time to waste on Squidoo today. I have some writing I need to get done today.

Oh – but I happened to think that I have some really good URLs on Squidoo, especially for coloring pages and coloring books. So if you are still on Squidoo and are interested in buying any of my lenses with or without their content, feel free to contact me about it at sffoovay AT

I have less than 100 lenses now – I wonder if they will take away my badge?

Summer Foovay

Barbie goes Goth
OMG – hell I WANT ONE. Barbie dolls sure have changed since I was a little girl. Okay, I’m really old – I know. But I sure never thought I’d see the day that Barbie went PUNK or GOTH on us! Well, tokidoki like those adorably cute tough Tokyo grrls. Forget all the hokey Christmas presents – what self-respecting rebel girl wouldn’t love this doll!

Don’t look now – but I think I’m going to add a DOLL to my wish list for the first time in, oh, forty years?

Summer Foovay

Happy Samhain Greeting Cards

Zazzle is having a 50% off sale on all greeting cards today and tomorrow – what a perfect time to order your Samhain or Halloween greeting cards from my pagan greeting cards selection!

If you don’t seem something there you like right now – check back in a few days as I plan to add some new Samhain greeting card designs and some new Day of the Dead greeting card designs!

Summer Foovay